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Attention Vacation Rental Property Managers

Now you can respond to all of your request-for-quote inquiries from major sites* such as VRBO, HomeAway, and FlipKey/TripAdvisor. Property Manager Tools presents Auto Quote Responder 2.0. The latest online service to instantly receive, check availability and rates, calculate and send a professional quote back to the prospective guest in just a matter of minutes. All requests are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

* Also serving quotes for AlwaysOnVacation, Beachhouse, FindRentals, FindVacationRentals and VacationHomeRentals


Get There First

Your prospect gets a complete quote within minutes of sending


Offer Alternatives

If the requested property is not available, AQR 2.0 quotes a similar property



Automatically re-sends the quote after 24 hours


Free 15-Day Trial
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Effortless / Accurate

AQR 2.0 answers your quote inquiries while you manage the bookings

Property Manger Tools provides the very latest software services for responding to your major marketing listing sites request for quote inquires. Most property management companies have a website with an auto quoting system and booking engine to provide prospective guests a quote with a total for their stay before they book. But the major marketing websites such as VRBO, HomeAway, and FlipKey only offer the request for quote feature via email. Then when your staff receives the email quote request, your staff is required to check availability, calculate the quote and reply to the prospective guest in a timely manner. Now if you were using our auto quote responder – or AQR – with features that create an automatic answer to all email inquiries from sites such as VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey and Trip Advisor (other sites available) and all in minutes, then you would be ahead of your competition.

Instant Quotes 24/7

Unbeatable response time with AQR 2.0 and manage all of your inquires and quotes

AQR 2.0 has the ability to provide a completed quote to prospective guests within minutes of their submission, as well as following-up at preset time intervals – sending the quote again in case the guest may have missed the first email. With the ability to reply to a request for quote inquiry on any of the properties that you have listed on the major sites, you can improve your response time and get more bookings. VRBO states that you can “Increase your bookings by responding to inquiries within 24 hours. Reply within 3 hours and your likelihood to book increases by 54%.” Imagine responding in minutes. How much would your odds increase then?

Manage your Inquires and Quotes - AQR 2.0 has a detailed management tracking feature. Keep track of your quotes by changing the status indicator on any quote! Change the status to booked to prevent AQR from bothering your guest with an automated follow-up quote.

Automated Follow-up

Stay on top of their list — with automatic follow-up quotes

Follow up emails are sent 24 hours after the first email. With guest follow-up emails that are sent automatically, your prospective guests will constantly be aware of your company and your properties. But, your staff won't be bogged down with continually having to send emails manually. These fully trackable email quotes and follow up emails can be monitored by your staff, allowing you to know the volume of emails that have been opened, clicked through, and which geographic area brings in the best response. This is the most invaluable tool you will every experience once you deploy this service for your listings. Plus we provide a free 15-day trial. Test it and see for yourself how effective this service is with your own listings.

Services are offered on a monthly basis. We offer Simple & Affordable Pricing. There are no long term contracts to sign.


“AQR has been a tremendous asset to our business. Not only has it freed up more of my time so that I can pursue growing the business, I no longer stress about all the emails that come in during the night or when I am assisting owners or guests. I know the potential guest is getting a quote immediately with the correct rates and info. We are so pleased with the number of reservations since we started using AQR! There is truly something to be said that immediate response generates reservations! It has also helped keep our overhead down by not having to hire additional staff to answer emails. What a profit center!!! Thank you AQR for being an essential part of our business!”

- Dolores Baudo, VRClub Online

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